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I've been playing golf for around 30 years. I have a very strong grip, short flat swing, I fight a hook, my alignment is off...play to a 13. I've been watching and reading all the articles here on what a correct golf swing entails. My question, should I fix one thing at a time (alignment, grip, etc) or scrap everything and start from scratch? I have small kids and other obligations and get to hit balls maybe twice on a good week.
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Thursday, July 09 2015, 10:53 AM
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    Joe Hill
    Joe Hill
    Thursday, July 09 2015, 04:45 PM - #permalink
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    That is a tough question only you can answer. Clearly defining your goals will help.
    Incremental changes under the guidance of a trusted teacher is no doubt the easiest route, and will produce quickest improvements. Key is "trusted". Where is a teacher taking you, and what steps are in store to get there? Does the end goal make sense to you? Make sure you understand where you are going.
    One of the problems with incremental is often a small change is merely a compensation for other errors. Those type changes in my experience do not hold up long term; constant "adjustments" are required.
    A total make over also brings in the "trust" factor. Are you sure it's where you want to go? This is no doubt the hardest for a long term golfer. Old habits die hard. Say you go see Jimmy Ballard for instance. He will teach you his way, and all the feels you have associated with your swing will be thrown out; the new feels will be totally different and alien to you. The old feels will always crop back up and confuse you, until, depending on your personal learning curve, you achieve 100% confidence in the new way. That is a very hard road, but leads to a deeper satisfaction imo.
    The way I've done it is a complete re-learning of the swing on my own. After all is said and done, you are your only teacher. No one else can get inside your mind and "feel" for you. For me, it had to begin with an intellectual understanding, then by trial and error, put that understanding into practice. I haven't got there yet, but am so close I can taste it. Old habits are dying, one by one, and the results are astounding, but it has been a long and often heart breaking road. The choice is yours.
    I know this doesn't help much. Both approaches are laden with mine fields.
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