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    62 - retired - getting back into golf. 5'6" 180 lbs-6 handicap for the moment -trying to go back down!
    Member of County Sligo Golf Club on the north west coast of Ireland. Its a Colt design and a real
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    Titleist 909D3 9.5 Nventix shaft
    Titleist 3 Wood 15.5 S
    Winter play 17 Rescue S
    Summer play 19 Rescue S
    4-PW Mizuno JPX 800 Pro R 2* flat
    50.56.60 Wedges Mizuno MPR 12
    Ping 31" Putter
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Anton Murphy

Anton Murphy

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  • Anton Murphy posted a new discussion, hickory sticks
    when we filmed alot of videos using hickory shafted clubs I realized that the club wasn't going to do much for me....I had to be much more aware what my hands fingers were doing so I could square the face.....I wouldn't want to play every day with them but I have tremendous respect for those who had deadly control with them...
    4 years ago
  • Anton Murphy added a new comment on the video Wedges 64 yards
    Looks like a very good swing!
    excellent rhythm creating time in the motion.