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    Started playing golf about three years ago.

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    Five Lessons, The Real Moe Norman. The lessons I've learned
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    "It's not my bag, baby." Hogan blades of course, sometimes my apex' lefties, PC's or Bounce soles, and occasionally medallions, mixed with some Wilson x31's, all good blades.
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The fig. "8", The perfect Natural Swing Motion..".A lift, a drop, a push and a pull, with a constant change of direction". All you have to do is decide how you wish to hit the ball with it!
- 8 months ago
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    Saturday, 03 July 2010 22:07
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  • 1lovegolf24 - replied to the topic 'The Natural Swing Motion,' in the forum.

    Have u. Or anyone else for that matter ever chopped wood.

    Cords at a time, dug out stumps ,shoveled tons of dirt, for an extended amount of time?

    If not, it is almost impossible for me to explain it to u let alone teach you on line.

    So what...
  • 1lovegolf24 - replied to the topic 'Hogan's "Ultimate" Secret' in the forum.
    moehogan wrote:

    BTW, notice how Ray has really nailed Mr. H's neck tilt! :ohmy:


    Are you serious? Or just being :laugh:

    Mark, 1lovegolf24