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    Started playing golf at 19 in college. Played in the Alabama amatuer at 22.

    I was an assistant from 1995-2001. Became a class A Member of PGA in 1998. Worked with some good instructors including a top 50 instructor for 3 years. Learned a lot. Didn't agree with everything. Gave 350 lessons in 2000 as a full time assistant pro. Busy year.

    Took a head pro Job in 2001. I was 29 (fast track). I was given a salary and a promise that I could teach a lot. That lasted a year. They ask me to teach on times when I wasn't required to run the golf operation. (When is that with 60 hour weeks???)

    Had my first three day weekend in 8 years on July the 4th 2003 when I left the golf industry.

    Started my own business and quit golf in 2004 . I'm back playing and excited!!
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    Two Shots in a row. I reached a 609 yard par five in two in 1999. No pro V1, no tail wind or down hill. Two big shots. Driver, 3 wood.
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    Hogan's Five Lessons
    Burried Lies
    The Greatest Player who never lived
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    Titliest 910 D3 Nunchuk shaft
    Callaway Great Big Bertha 3 wood
    Cleaveland idea black 20 Hybrid
    Irons Mizuno MS 9s
    Cleveland 588 51, 56,
    Vokey 60
    See More Putter got in 1998. Love it.
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Jim S.

Jim S.

Making a second set of clubs. Heavier and flatter than current set. Let's find out if flatter is better!
- 5 years ago
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  • You can Hire some kid to monitor the site and keep the jagweeds away. Anyway I'm sure you could do something and make extra money, educate people that want to be educated and feed your normal lesson business with the same amount of time you put in here over the last year. Just my two cents. I'll love to discuss further.
    2 years ago
  • Bradley,

    This is the exact kind of access that the general golfing public wants. Elk and Mike are now mailing it in and I think you have a tremendous opportunity here. I know the trolls suck, but if you can find a way to build a public website and just do what you've been doing here for free or small annual fee of $20 to $50 bucks I think it would be tremendously successful. I
    2 years ago
  • Jim S. thanks user 'nfbandon' in the forum message ' Bradley Hughes- The Golf Swing'.
    2 years ago
  • Jim S. - replied to the topic 'Bradley Hughes- The Golf Swing' in the forum.
    Grady Dickens wrote:
    To LR and GL...

    "You can't be a damn fool" :laugh:

    Yes they can, Grady. They've been proving it for sometime now.
  • Jim S. - replied to the topic 'ITS JUST MOTION' in the forum.
    Mitten wrote:
    Stand it up is more about the DTL view than the caddie view. This shows how little you know about LEE and C-Motion. Mitten post your swing or shut up and move on.

    What is it more about? A "look"? Thought Cmotion wasn't concerned with a "look"? Are...

  • Jim S. thanks user 'bhughesgolf' in the forum message ' Bradley Hughes- The Golf Swing'.
    3 years ago
  • Jim S. thanks user 'bhughesgolf' in the forum message ' Bradley Hughes- The Golf Swing'.
    3 years ago
  • Jim S. - replied to the topic 'In Search of the great Ballstrikers' in the forum.
    Hey Fellas,

    Been lurking for a while. I can't speak to Alec's tournament history, but a little checking gives me some information about his +3.3 handicap. It is derived from 13 scores in the months of June and July of 2013. He didn't play or at...
  • Jim S. shared a video
    J C  Snead 00:23
    J C Snead
    J. C. Snead at the 1999 Bruno's Memorial Classic
    4 years ago
    Lee Comeaux Looks like a guy from Destin area I know.
    4 years ago
  • Jim S. shared a video
    4 years ago
    Jim S. Thanks JP. Better now, I've really made some progress over the last year. I just can't find the time to get out and enjoy the improvements. I hope you're doing well also.
    4 years ago
  • John Bland 00:11
    John Bland
    John won the Bruno's Memorial Classic in 1996 three years earlier.
    5 years ago
  • Bruce Fleisher 00:35
    Bruce Fleisher
    I filmed several player's swings at a Senior Tour event in 1999. This is never before seen video. LOL. I have several players I'll post. I hope you enjoy.
    5 years ago
    cool I'd really enjoy to see more. Good stuff!
    5 years ago
  • Jim S. If TIGER shoots even par on Saturday, he wins buy a stroke. The CAT could be back.
    5 years ago
  • C-Motion is THE BOMB 02:30
    C-Motion is THE BOMB
    Lee's been dropping the bomb on the dirt for a while. He's changing our world. He lit the fuse. He'll set you free. He'll take you to the sky, you've never been so HIGH. Beauty in C-Motion. Lee you are THE BOMB!!
    5 years ago
    Henny Bogan Hey Jim? Thanks!! That was fun to watch!
    5 years ago
  • {actor} Making a second set of clubs. Heavier and flatter than current set. Let's find out if flatter is better!
    5 years ago
  • Jim S. created a blog entry What is the best Bla...

    I'm interested in a majority (I know, good luck with that) opinion on "What is the best blade ever made?"  I have owned two sets of blades in my life.  I still have the first set of Mizuno MS 3's.   These clubs were made for Japan and Europe, not sold much in the US.  I also owned a set of CB 690's and didn't think either set gave me the best oportunity to hit great shots.   My interest has really peaked about getting back into a set of blades to get the feed back I need to improve my golf swing.   So what do you think?  What is the best blade ever made?

    5 years ago
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    5 years ago
  • Jim S. and {target} are now friends
    5 years ago
  • Jim S. Jamie Sadlowski shot 66 today to make the cut in the Nationwide tour event. He leads the field in DD 359.5. That is sick.... :) My friend Gary is also 3 under, I hope they get paired together.
    5 years ago