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    An old golf obsessed fart
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    Muira 501
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    Too much shite
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    I live in Thailand and Laos. You must be joking
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John B

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    Wednesday, 16 February 2011 11:39
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  • John B - replied to the topic 'Bradley Hughes- The Golf Swing' in the forum.
    Brad, I am amazed you have stuck around for so long.
    I have come back to this forum after a year of my browser not accepting the changes on the site, coupled with an intermittent internet connection while to managing a golf course out in the wilds of...
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  • 4 iron  DTL-220 yds carry 00:09
    4 iron DTL-220 yds carry
    Carry 220 yds with range balls!
    7 years ago
  • 3 wood face on -114 mph 00:12
    3 wood face on -114 mph
    3 wood well short of horizontal
    7 years ago
  • Driver D/L Ap 03 00:14
    Driver D/L Ap 03
    Poor quality-25 fps Big loop at top
    7 years ago
    Michael C. MacDonald Looks to me like you have some good things working. Now you have a baseline to work from. Some changes we will be able to see some changes only you will be able to feel and describe. I should have some of my swings up in a week or so. I am also a member of the elite 5'7" height bracket. Keep building the right arm power!
    7 years ago
  • 5 Iron D/L Ap-03 00:10
    5 Iron D/L Ap-03
    Poor quality 25 fps Big loop at top
    7 years ago
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