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    I currently live and work full-time as a musician in New Orleans.
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    980F Strong 15deg
    980F 18deg
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    '68 Hogan PLUS 1 Irons(3-E) ProjectX6.0Shafts
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    Mizuno 56 sand wedge
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    Acushnet Bullseye putter 3A Heavy Blade
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Gregory Smith

Gregory Smith

Just found John's step-by-step doc on how to flatten the lie angle on a persimmon, over at the ABS forum. As of right now, it is so on!

Anyone know where I can find a spool of whipping string? I tracked down the stuff they use at Louisville Golf, but they'll only sell me a 1000ft spool. Waaay more than I need.
- 2 years ago
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