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    I like to compete,put your money where your mouth is.
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    Albatross,3 wood from 250 out pure luck,,,made eagle on 18 one time to win press when i was 100 dollars down and only had 20 in my pocket
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    Modern Fundamentals/5 lessons
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    Any fast player,we are overwhelmed with slow players
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    wilson staff tour blades. 2010 model.always have been a wilson guy,always will be
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    Wilson Staff TourBlades ,54 and 58 degree wedges
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Keep on doing the same things and living in the past, you will not have a very bright future.
- 5 months ago
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  • alan - replied to the topic 'In Search of the great Ballstrikers' in the forum.
    Bradley Hughes wrote:
    Exactly MH
    Here's a pic of my right hand- see callous area :)

    [File Attachment: image_2014-11-03-2.jpg]
    I have these same callouses in the exact same place, and I suck most of the time. Ive suffered from the lefts for a long long time.Im not suggesting that Bradley...
  • Does making things complicated,mean you know more,or you are a superior ball striker?
    1 year ago
  • alan - replied to the topic 'In Search of the Good (not great) Ballstrikers' in the forum.
    Yes, This sight has cleared up alot of misconceptions I ve had,expanded my Knowledge,,its an evolution. I tell you what I see when I play, I play with a group of guys about 15 give or take ,it runs the gament of handicaps,one is a pro several plus...
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  • alan comment on the album
    anybody got calluses like this
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