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  • Dan Carey - created a new topic Increasing Driver Distance in the forum.
    I found these series of videos on increasing driver distance, and a lot more, from Paul Wilson and Mike Dobbyn (2007 Re-Max World Long Drive Champion). I think there is a lot of interesting info in these videos.

  • Dan Carey - created a new topic McIlroy Aged 3 in the forum.
    Have a watch of this video.


    Rory Aged 3. Best bit about 30 seconds in so suggest you watch to the end.

    Go on be honest who can't swing it like him aged 3

  • Dan Carey - created a new topic Can you mark the line on the ground when playing in the forum.
    I have just watched the tour quality short game download and I found it very useful.

    My question is are you allowed to mark the line on the ground when you are playing in a tournament to help setup. I think it will be great when practicing but want to know if I can use it on the course.


  • Dan Carey - created a new topic Looking at the hole when putting in the forum.
    I recently had a golf lesson on putting. During the lesson it was clear that my basic stroke was ok and my green reading but my distance control was not good.

    I was getting fixated on the mechanics and had lost the feel. I was advised to hit a few puts my looking at the hole rather than the ball. It was very liberating. It was explained to me that if was to throw a piece of paper in a bin I would not look at my hand but at the bin.

    My distance control was...
  • Dan Carey - created a new topic Tour quality short game and Dynalign in the forum.
    I have recently purchased TMPMIG download and with some extra tips from Martin I have seen a great improvement in my iron play and most recently driving.

    I have also seen the Dynalign putting videos on the vault and have tried using the ideas with early success.

    Like many people I know that I could improve on the shortgame and, aslong as my irons and driving is solid, I could drop my handicap quicker by working around the greens.

    I was thinking...