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  • John Hue - created a new topic Camcorder Recommendations for filming swings? in the forum.
    I used to film my swing years ago and then got out of it because I was getting too into what it looked like than what it felt like . My results got better as soon as I stopped filming and got more into the feeling of the swing.
    I have started on Bradley Hughes Super Slotting course and part of the package is that I meant to send him weekly footage of me doing his drills so that he can send me back recommendations to keep me on track. So I am considering buying a camcorder to fulfill...
  • John Hue - created a new topic Martin's 1st Move "Containment" and Hogan in the forum.
    Watch this video of Hogan

    and go to 1:20 and 4:06 watch the first move of the hands. They go IN towards the body leaving the club...
  • John Hue - created a new topic Ball position relative to left foot in chipping? in the forum.
    In Steve's Evideo Tour Quality Short Game he says " The thing that separates people who can chip and can't is the nailing of that ball position". The captions say Ball Position = Left Heel. I went inside to practice this and put a ball down on a tiled surface in a crack between the tiles and used the straight lines of the tiles to line up the rear edge of the heel of the left shoe on the edge of the tile. When I looked down because the ball was resting in the crack half the ball...
  • John Hue - created a new topic The Sequence Double Shift Hogan swing Only? in the forum.
    I have been following Paul Kopp's videos very closely. Doing his exercises in front of a full length morrow with the computer next to me. Watching an exercise copying it and checking it in the morrow to see that I am doing it as correctly as I can and then doing a 100 reps and then repeating with the next exercise. If you do the 100 exercises it is a lot of work and not only are you learning but it gives your forearms a good work out and my grip strength has gone right up.
    I have...
  • John Hue - created a new topic Martin: Launch monitors and your move? in the forum.
    Martin: Have you done any testing with your pupils where you get them on a launch monitor before and after you have taught them your move? Other than changing the stroke is the main improvement in club head speed or smash factor ? I would imagine it is a bit both but from watching your videos I get the feeling the big improvements are in smash factor.
  • John Hue - created a new topic Regulating distance control in pitching? in the forum.
    Once you have developed a modicum of proficiency in pitching how good you are at it will depend on your control of distance and trajectory. I have read a lot of different THEORIES on how to regulate distance control. Dave Pelz has his 3 mini swings with a number of different wedges giving different distances. All executed at the same rhythm and tempo but in reality I have never seen a tour player actually do that. I am starting to look into what Stan Utley teaches and he seems to vary...
  • John Hue - created a new topic The Ben Doyle THUD on compression chips in the forum.
    Several years ago I was fortunate enough to go to a 2 day golf school in Atlanta being hosted by Ben Doyle,Lynn Blake and Brian Manzella.When it was Ben's turn to teach he started chipping and the sound he made when he made a chip was a deep thud. I had never heard the quality of that thud before or since and it really grabs your attention.I call these compression chips.It is like the difference between a cheap Esquire Stratocaster and a quality vintage Fender Precision Bass. Once you have...