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  • Aaron - created a new topic Wind up, Bent Right Arm & Ball Position Change in the forum.
  • Aaron - created a new topic I'VE GOT IT! UNBELIEVABLE in the forum.
    Ok guys,

    So I have it, just like they are describing in the video in all it's abstract glory. I kept watching and watching and practicing the moves and could never seem to clue in/was exaggerating too much, wanted to hit the ball too much, etc. I honestly got to the point where I had it a few times but didn't quite feel like they say so I pretty much gave up.

    Then I started watching some videos of a great canadian teacher Marc Evershed on youtube where he...
  • Aaron - created a new topic Straight Down in the forum.
    Hey guys/Martin,

    So over the past while I've done a fair amount of video study with Tiger Woods' new swing and I've put a lot of it into my game: being a little more bent over and especially really pushing into the ground with my left leg on the downswing instead of bumping out. This seems to allow me to keep my posture a lot better and really go at the ball.

    Now with regards to the move which I'm going to try and incorporate (keep in mind I'm more comfortable...
  • Aaron - created a new topic MPMIG Help with Transition in the forum.

    I downloaded the video a while ago and have watched it many times, as well as Martins other videos. If I tie myself back to the bow/crossbow talk I find I can get myself all wound up into the perfect top of the backswing position - resisting against a braced right knee, club fully rolled up and ready to go. No real issue there.

    My problem (as it has always been in golf) comes at the time of transition from backswing to downswing. I used to have a...