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  • Chris Banner - created a new topic Apex PC irons in the forum.
    I have just received my Hogan Apex PC irons 3 to SW and they are fantastic.
    What I would like is as much information on the PC as possible, that's everything, from bounce angles and shaft step distances to your personal experiences. My set are fitted with Apex 4 shafts and only carry a serial number from 4 to 9 iron, the 3, E and SW have no code on the ferrule.
    As I said anything and everything.
    Many thanks.
  • Chris Banner - created a new topic Martin Ayers MPMIG Video in the forum.
    I been watching lots of " Most powerful move in golf" video on the site. I'd like to try it out but obviously need the video. I can't find where I can buy this in the UK for region 2 format.
    Does anyone know if this is available in the UK as I can't find it anywhere.
    Thanks for any help.
  • Chris Banner - created a new topic Thanks in the forum.
    Just wanted to say thanks for all those original Sevam1 videos and taking the time to put it all down for us to see.
    Wish I'd have seen it sooner as I only saw the site a few weeks ago.
    I also thought I knew a bit about the swing, now I know I have a lot to learn. That's great because I am now interested in golf more than ever and with SITD I'll always have something to work on.
    Thanks again.
  • Chris Banner - created a new topic High ball or low ball in the forum.
    I would like to know what type of ball you like or prefer to hit. Not the brand of ball but the trajectory. I know you may need to hit high or low depending on pin positions and weather/course conditions. But which, high or low, is your game. Also is this shot natural for you or do you manipulate it with your swing.
    Me, I prefer low as I feel I have better direction, shot shape and distance control.
    Which do you prefer any why.
  • Chris Banner - created a new topic MacGregor Muirfield 20th specs in the forum.
    I'm trying to refurb a set of Muirfield 20th's and cannot find any specifications for these clubs. I would like the lofts and would also like to know about the comparison between MacGregors Velocitized Frequency Matched shaft, which I have in a 2 iron, and the T.T. Dynamic Gold which are in the 3 - SW. I found a set of MacGregor JN Bear Grind specs which were around 1986 and look the same club so I may have to use these lofts for my Muirfields.
    However, I would appreciate...
  • Chris Banner - created a new topic Glove : To wear or not to wear in the forum.
    Firstly, please forgive any errors in my post, this is my first time.
    I would like to know what percentage of you actually do not wear a glove, ever, when playing.
    I am right handed and would normally wear one on the left hand.
    I have tried them, and find one a message robber. I rely on feel and enjoy playing without as I get full feedback of what's happening at the club face through my hands.
    I also get the image of the palm of my right hand being the club face...