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    26 years as a golf clubmaker, including a 10 year affiliation with Ben Hogan Company Ft. Worth TX for authorized warranty club repair service in the Northwest US.

    Founder of DynAlign Golf.
    SITD Groups: Dynamic Pre-Shot Alignment, For Yippers Only
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    The first time I knocked it in the hole from the tee on a par 3. A planned draw that flew in the hole and stayed... DynAligned.
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    Five Lessons The Modern Fundamentals of Golf
    The Modulor: A Harmonious Measure to the Human Scale Universally applicable to Architecture and Mechanics, Le Corbusier
    The Golf Swing of the Future, Blake
  • Ideal Foursome

    Jimmy Demaret, Jack Burke, Jr, Ben Hogan
What's In My Bag
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    Hogan Apex Grind, Apex 4, 3 degrees flat
  • Wedge Details

    Cleveland 485 SW, Trusty Rusty GW, Volkey LW
  • Putter Model

    Any 33" putter
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Craig Foster

Craig Foster

New video slideshow comparing putting technique of DynAlign, Kuchar Arm-Lock, and Nicklaus has been posted to the Dynamic Pre-Shot Alignment Group. It was surprising to see the similarities in these three techniques at address. The differences are found in how each technique provides stability for the stroke and the adaptability of the techniques beyond putting.
- 4 years ago