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    I'm a golfer and follower of Moe, Trevino, Knudson, Hogan, and Count Yogi for 8 years.
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    Taylormade R9 Driver (8.5)
    Taylormade V-Steel 3 wood (15)
    Nike slingshot 3 iron
    Bridgestone J38 irons
    Cleveland Zip Groove Wedges (52, 56, 60)
    PING CRAZE putter
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    Sunday, 28 March 2010 13:56
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  • Brian - replied to the topic 'Re: In Search of the great Ballstrikers' in the forum.
    GreenLies wrote:
    Grady Dickens wrote:
    Party Ball,

    Since ABS doesn't worry about BS ideal positions, we don't label BS markers. So p3 for us is p6 in TGM terms.

    This ABS principle is clearly against science and swing's kinematic sequence.

    It has been proven by a scientific study that...

  • Brian - replied to the topic 'In Search of the great Ballstrikers' in the forum.
    Grady Dickens wrote:
    That sound like a good intention. Watch my practice swings closely. That is my intention. If you isolate those practice swings you will see a move toward the ball with the right elbow and shoulder that knocks the arms onto my right elbow plane and...

  • Brian thanks user 'bhughesgolf' in the forum message ' Bradley Hughes- The Golf Swing'.
    4 months ago
  • Brian - replied to the topic 'Opposing Hands Golfswing by Diz/MH' in the forum.
    Just giving my two cents here, but anytime I've needed to make a change in my golf swing I didn't hit any balls at all. I used a mirror to get into the positions I wanted to be in, felt those positions with my body, then did slow motion drills to...
  • Current Swing 3/1/13 00:07
    Current Swing 3/1/13
    Just turn and turn
    1 year ago
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    3 years ago
  • Brian added a new comment on the video 3 Shots
    Thanks Bill. Yes, it is very repeatable when I can get out there on a consistent basis.
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  • Brian replied to the Any updates?
    I totally forgot I started this group! Moe was addicted to hitting the ball pure. He admitted this on many occasions. One time a friend asked me if I would rather hit the ball solid every time or hit it straight every time and I answered solid. I don't know why, but I just think the feel of a purely struck golf ball is one of the best sensations out there regardless of where the ball goes! And, in golf, purely struck golf balls = consistency which = good golf. As long as it repeats, who cares...
    3 years ago