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    54 year old attorney who plays to a 2. Love Hogan swing. Have worked with Martin Ayers, and am currently going through John Erickson's ABS program.
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    Ben Hogan
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    Wood Bros Persimmon, X100 shaft, weight added
    Hogan 1953 Commerative, with Apex 5 shaft
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    Various MacGregor, Hogan and Spaulding sets, all 6 flat, stiff and progressively heavy...short irons e4 to d8 in long irons
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    Edel golf 52 and 56.
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    I play old stuff. I have several vintage Macgregor sets, a set of Ben Hogan Apex PCs and a set of Spaulding BirdonBalls "The Shark." Persimmon woods from MacGregor and Hogan.
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Grady Dickens

Grady Dickens

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    Sunday, 28 March 2010 20:55
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  • Grady Dickens - replied to the topic 'JrxWrx' in the forum.
    Coat great stuff from Johnny there. Those in ABS watch the finish on the dtl shot early in the video. You will learn that shot in the shotmaking module. I am not sure I understand the heavy feel for putting, but I love the feel for hitting golf...
  • Grady Dickens - replied to the topic 'I found the Secret...' in the forum.
    Short game is all about knowing your club and various releases for the shot at hand. It is a hell of a lot of fun, but a part of the game I just don't have the time to work on which is too bad. As a kid I would spend hours throwing balls all over...
  • Grady Dickens - replied to the topic 'In Search of the great Ballstrikers' in the forum.
    Watching Pavin's 1995 US Open win I was surprised to see Mickelson. He is in his mid40s so I don't know why it surprised me. Anyway since he is a long hitter on tour I was curious to see how far he hit it in 1995...270. In 2010 Mickelson was 300,...
  • Grady Dickens thanks user 'bhughesgolf' in the forum message ' In Search of the great Ballstrikers'.
    3 days ago
  • Grady Dickens - replied to the topic 'Turn the page... year 3 in the dirt' in the forum.
    I don't see these guys in the gym, but I have seen Fowler, B. Watson and Mahan with their shirts off in those music videos they did and no one can suggest they are elite athletes. Pasty and smooth with alot of giggle around the waist. From top to...