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    53 year old attorney who plays to a 2. Love Hogan swing. Have worked with Martin Ayers, and am currently going through John Erickson's ABS program.
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    Wood Bros Persimmon, X100 shaft, weight added
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    Various MacGregor, Hogan and Spaulding sets, all 6 flat, stiff and progressively heavy...short irons e4 to d8 in long irons
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    MacGregor forged gap, punch dot replica of original Sarazen Sand Wedge
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    I play old stuff. I have several vintage Macgregor sets, a set of Ben Hogan Apex PCs and a set of Spaulding BirdonBalls "The Shark." Persimmon woods from MacGregor and Hogan.
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Grady Dickens

Grady Dickens

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  • Grady Dickens - replied to the topic 'In Search of the great Ballstrikers' in the forum.
    Some comments from John that I think fit in well with the L chasing T discussion. The last sentence is very applicable to Hogan, of course. I mentioned the feeling of Hogan's setup creating an outside rail. The right shoulder is the outside rail....
  • Grady Dickens - replied to the topic 'Inward is FASTER' in the forum.

    Really study the Hogan setup pics I posted in my thread. Think about setting up in a way that essentially creates an outside rail that keep the club and arms chasing T, i.e. they can't venture out to tge right.
  • Grady Dickens - replied to the topic 'Angular Momentum Chases Torque' in the forum.
    Great post Les. On 6) you need to get the hands under your torso...not extended out away and chasing...if you want this L chasing T. The pivot can trap the arms if you don't try and accelerate the arms. Overacceleration is a killer. When I am...
  • Grady Dickens - replied to the topic 'Opposing Hands Golfswing by Diz/MH' in the forum.
    Last try...I haven't been able to see any posts in this thread since Sidewinder 1 day and 15 hours ago.
  • Grady Dickens - replied to the topic 'Under Plane Project' in the forum.

    Chris is working with Brad, so I think it appropriate that you give Chris time to work through the program with Brad. There is a sequence to the program.