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  • Tyler - created a new topic To chip or to pitch from the rough in the forum.
    Really enjoyed the back to basics simplicity of the video. Just wondering when in the rough, say 3 in rough, is it smarter to pitch or chip given the ball isnt completely buried and yet not resting on top of the grass..... information on any of the previously listed lies and best recovery options would be greatly appreciated.I seem to be in the habit of chipping from the rough as I would a tight lie like elk shows in the video and find myself getting tangled but then I consider pitching it...
  • Tyler - created a new topic Putter Loft in the forum.
    Does anyone have very specific information in regards to dynamic loft or optimal impact loft of a putter and has anyone figured out the hit up or hit down on the ball for putting there are so many different schools of thought with this I just want science. My putting has reached a certainly level and I feel this is the next step to greater consistency. Thanks for the Help,

  • Tyler - created a new topic Grinding Clubs in the forum.
    I have finally gathered all of the equipment needed to start grinding clubs again but haven't done it in along time. Does anyone have and links to online information as far as guidelines for playing characteristics relating to grind shape? Or anything at all relating to grinding wedges and iron heads?
  • Tyler - created a new topic Hickory Shaft Plugs in the forum.
    Got a chance to take apart some titleist tour blades the other day. During the dissassembly process I came across some hickory shaft plugs in the tips of each shaft about 1.5" long and .25" from the end of the shaft. I understand this creates an amazing feel but have never tried it wondering if anyone has ever come across this/