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    "Hold it like a baby bird" killed me for years.....
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    Any less than full/mid-trajectory shot that was flush!
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    Hogan by Curt Sampson
    The Match by Robert Frost
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    Tiger, Seve, Snead, Me
    Hogan, Jack, Weiskopf, Me
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    Wishon 525 F/D, 13*
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    Adams Idea "Pro Black" 18*
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    Hogan Channel Back, 3-PW
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    Titleist Vokey 52*-08 SM4
    Taylor Made RAC 60* bent to 58*
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    Hate every putter I have right now.
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Jim Pruitt

Jim Pruitt

You see it's just going to be a sad day when these stories are gone.....fast forward 40 years from now....DJ tell me about the Masters in '14..."well I had a girlfriend that got famous on instagram, never played golf but Golf Digest decided to put her on the cover and I got a lot of attention which was cool....I was really proud of her going into the Masters that year"
- 3 months ago
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    Saturday, 22 May 2010 13:40
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  • Jim Pruitt replied to the watching tom Tom Weiskopf
    Enjoyed the Feherty show tonight with Weiskopf as the guest. I was obsessed with his swing at 10 years old when the first copy of Golf Digest I ever looked at was the 1977 "Best Swing on Tour" issue my granddad had and let me take home with me. In a strange way it actually ended up being a "curse".....
    2 weeks ago
  • Jim Pruitt - replied to the topic 'In Search of the great Ballstrikers' in the forum.
    If you are "overswinging, past parallel, across the line" however you define it.....check your grip pressure points and make sure you don't have a leak there. I do and that's my current issue fix and after a couple of days working on it I like where...
  • Jim Pruitt shared a video
    6-iron DTL 6-3-2014 00:09
    6-iron DTL 6-3-2014
    Day 2 Grip Pressure Change
    3 weeks ago
    Shogun Like a fine wine , you keep on getting better with age . Keep up the great work Jim
    3 weeks ago
  • Jim Pruitt - replied to the topic 'Bradley Hughes- The Golf Swing' in the forum.
    GreenLies wrote:
    Why did he hide his student real name and face?

    Whoa, whoa, whoa.....GL are you serious?.....Mr. Anonymous/faceless/swingless....your hypocrisy knows no bounds!!!

  • Jim Pruitt - replied to the topic 'George Knudson's Natural Golf Swing' in the forum.
    You don't have to be vulgar to be hostile!
  • Jim Pruitt comment on the album Electric Lie Loft Machine
    Never heard of an "electric" lie/loft machine, bought this one today! Pumped!
  • Dave Ford and {target} are now friends
    2 years ago
  • how are you Jim? Everything going ok since that reply I made to you?
    2 years ago
  • Jim Pruitt added a new comment on the video march5b
    Tim, you have a good move, athletic...curious to know what you and Mr. Freeman worked on in your lesson or what you are wanting to improve. Thanks, Jim
  • Tim Price and {target} are now friends
    3 years ago
  • Thanks for joining my PGA Tour Fans Group Jim!!!
    3 years ago
  • Jim Pruitt added a new comment on the video Tiger Hogan Impact
    Another great video Christo!
  • Jim Pruitt added a new comment on the video New
    I keep hitting play again, play again, play again, play again.....
  • Jim Pruitt added a new comment on the video Aaron Levine CF LeeTrevino Model 11-18-2011
    Talk to me Aaron, caught my eye because I'm swinging with a similar feeling right now. Very similar to what I feel like I did years ago. I looked at some of your other youtube videos and you aren't this far left. Are you experimenting and is it something you're really liking right now? PM me if you like or call me, my number is on my profile page.


  • Jim Pruitt added a new comment on the video C-Motion is THE BOMB
    Wow Jim S., your body language between shots says it all, you are fired up and excited about the shots you're hitting! Congratulations!
  • Jay VanZandt and {target} are now friends
    3 years ago
  • Jim Pruitt added a new comment on the video my golf swing
    Rob, I know you said you're concerned about losing your spine angle....not real sure why you're worried about it. Wish I had your action through the ball. Looks to me like you get all kinds of leverage. If anything maybe you're just having to create some "room" through the ball because of your "posture" (hate that word) at address? Athletic action, looks like you're hitting it solid! Just don't do something that takes your athleticism out of the motion!!
  • Jim Pruitt added a new comment on the video More right side
  • Jim Pruitt added a new comment on the video Smashing it!
    Nothing sweeter than that sound! Pure!
  • Jim Pruitt added a new comment on the video new
    Alright Rob....I gotta edit that into a "loop" 'cause I get tired of having to hit play over and over and over....somethin's changing, don't know what...I'm putting in a request for you to shoot it from "caddie view"!! Love it!