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If you need to get even more specific, or you just know exactly what you're looking for, we've taken a look at some of the most searched terms for 2013, and sorted the information for you. Click any of the links below to be directed to more information about that topic. If a topic is not linking out to any page yet, rest assured that the blog post will be available soon.


Ben Hogan

Moe Norman

Steve Elkington 

Bradley hughes

Mike Maves / "Sevam1"

Paul Kopp

Martin Ayers

Jackie Burke

Lee Comeaux

Phil Rodgers

Lee Trevino

Jimmy Ballard

Trent Dilfer

Abe Mitchell

Craig Foster

Mike Austin

Doug Burke

Sam Snead



The Sequence


DOCF / Twirl

"The Move" 



Parts of the Swing

The Grip





Lie Angle


Elkington's Club Specs


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