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    Tour Edge
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    Ping G3 the big toe
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    Wilson. Blades
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    Various- ping - volleys
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    Wilson Blades Titleist driver tour edge 3 wood various wedges and putter
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    Shoot 59
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Wow Great Masters a fellow Lefty wins!
The speech after and all of those angry white guys sitting behind Bubba-
Who's the angry man in the orange tie, who smirked and looked right to his angry white buddy in a yellow tie when Bubba commented on the junior involvement last Sunday-?
There wasn't a person of color in that whole group behind Bubba-
Racism is an undertone at Augusta as hard as they try
- 1 year ago
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Balancing a Golf swing- The average foot size is 10.5 x 4" and the person weighs 175 pounds at 5ft 10" tall. There is not an engineer that would try to balance the person on a 10.5 x 4" bottom. You cannot shift weight with this structure, you can turn weight, very carefully and slow if you want to play balanced, as you must be to play Golf. If you are not balanced you will have no power the lower part of your swing... Turn weight, don't shift it!

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