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    Tour Edge
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    Ping G3 the big toe
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    Wilson. Blades
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    Various- ping - volleys
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    Wilson Blades Titleist driver tour edge 3 wood various wedges and putter
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    Shoot 59
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Wow Great Masters a fellow Lefty wins!
The speech after and all of those angry white guys sitting behind Bubba-
Who's the angry man in the orange tie, who smirked and looked right to his angry white buddy in a yellow tie when Bubba commented on the junior involvement last Sunday-?
There wasn't a person of color in that whole group behind Bubba-
Racism is an undertone at Augusta as hard as they try
- 6 months ago
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  • I love science/Math/Physics- the power of compute- it debunks "old school" teaching and thought processes!

    9 months ago
    linda richman Thanks for the article Mark. This debunks much of modern day teaching. Ben Hogan had this figured out 60 yers ago
    9 months ago
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    3 years ago
  • Mark added a new comment on the video video-2010-10-17-10-28-21
    Wow look a the shaft at 0:21 of the video! Had to go over 270 carry!
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    4 years ago
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Golf is a game, it's not mandated to make you anything. Your job is to play the game by the rules, making good swings with less of you in the swing- and if you get good you deserve it.

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