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    I'm Mike Maves. On the web most people know me as Sevam1!! I make videos and write books about golf. I used to play and practice a lot and got to be a pretty good golfer. I got especially good at the hitting golf balls part. I still remember most of what I learned and I am happy to share that info with anyone who wants to improve. I am passionate about using the Internet to help people get better at golf. I started this site with Steve Elkington so that people would have the tools to learn about golf both from us and from each other. Hope you enjoy it!!
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    J33 15 degree 3 wood
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    FTC 3/19deg Rescue
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    1972 Apex
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    Ben Hogan Apex PW
    54 deg Cobra Greg Norman Model SW
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    Callaway FT9 Driver that Elk gave me
    Titleist Tour Model 3 wood
    1969 Ben Hogan 1+ irons 3-Equalizer
    Henry Griffits 53 deg. Sand Wedge
    Ping Anser
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    Ping Anser Driver
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Mike Maves

Mike Maves

2015 is going to be a great year for The Dirt!! I can feel it!!
- 1 year ago
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Champions; Teaching Golf to the next generation, and the game's rules- with the hope that these young people will play by the rules- in life and the business world.

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