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Golf Course Reviews
I'm creating this group so that Dirters can share some useful info about golf courses across the globe. Join and post so Dirters know where to play if they're in your neck of the woods!
  • Timothy Goynes
    Simple Rules for Reviewing
    Okie doke, here are some ground rules for reviewing that I think will benefit everyone the most.

    1. Let's limit reviews to public courses...places that anyone can come and play.

    2. Be descriptive (and honest) about the overall experience playing the course. Include information on course conditions, the layout, yardages, toughness/fairness, aesthetics, any standout holes, etc.

    3. Talk about the clubhouse staff, and their cordiality or lack thereof.

    4. Post the greens fees and cart fees in there somewhere.

    5. If there is one, please post a link to the course's website so the reader can get more info if desired.

    6. Post your review in the "Discussions" section.
    Thursday, 07 July 2011 by Timothy Goynes